3x2GB 1600MHZ vs 2x8 1600MHZ ,mobo DX58so i7

Hello, Hello, I just picked up a Intel DX58so i7 motherboard it came with 3x2GB Dr3 6 GB 1600MHz. I have 2x8gb 1600mhz dual. What would give me better performance. This is a for a gaming comp. The Ram has almost the same timings. Had to put a sub-category couldn't figure how to leave blank
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  1. how about 2x4 + 2x2 config ;)
    and check if it is running in single, dual or triple channel using cpuz software
    if it is single than go for 2x4
    if it says dual than you can go for mixed config

    games alone doesnot use neither more ram nor benifit by more bandwidth (channel) by that much
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