I3 3225 "Budget gaming" Motherboard required

Hi all, i need some help with finding a "budget gaming" socket 1155 motherboard for the I3 3225.

Why im being lazy and asking you guys:
This is my first time doing any real upgrading for my pc. I understand the basics about differences in gpu and cpu specs but i honestly don't have a clue about spec differences in motherboards and its badly holding me up from sorting my upgrade out.

Background info:
Currently getting ready to upgrade my ageing core 2 duo 6300 in january/ febuary and the I3 3225 caught my eye since its in my budget and i currently have an old ati radeon x1300 gpu so the intel 4000 onboard is probably an upgrade technically :lol:

£70 for the motherboard (Amazon and ebuyer i am most familiar with if that helps.)

What i need:
Usable with i3 3225

Preferably as much bang for buck as possible with regards to up to date basic features mostly as im not sure which i "need" for light gaming at mid-high range detail (once i have my discrete gpu sorted)

Not recomended with an upgrade path in mind, i will be using the I3 3225 till i throw it out for a new one in a couple of years... hopefully not 7 years like my last cpu.

Initially will be using the on board graphics of the 3225 to play world of warcraft with getting a new discrete gpu later in year so something that can use the current nvidia series 6xx or radeon series 7xxx when i get one/ takes better advantage of the on board graphics in the mean time.

Dont mind if its 2 or 4 dimm slots but if it is 4 i'll probally get: http://www.ebuyer.com/342393-crucial-ballistix-sport-12gb-3x4gb-ddr3-1333mhz-ppc3-10600-memory-kit-cl9-1-5v-bls3cp4g3d1339ds1s00 as it is only £2 more than 8gb of the same ram.

Many thanks


(For ease of reading the cpu is not open to debate, hope that doesn't sound rude just don't want it de-railing the thread.)
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  1. Hi. This one should do for just £46.53.

    Asus P8B75-M LX Motherboard
  2. that looks perfect! Thanks for that was at a complete loss :)
  3. The ASRock H77M may also work well for you.
  4. You're welcome.

    IntelEnthusiast said:
    The ASRock H77M may also work well for you.

    I'm using that very same motherboard. :lol:
  5. H77 Board like the Pro3 or Asus equivalent, i3 can't overclock so you may as well go with the H77 chipset, Z68 or H61 would work fine too.
  6. This is what I use, it's flawless.
    - The atx version http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157314
    -The m-atx version, this is what I use. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157329
    Hope it helps.
  7. The others look like they would work too but the Asus P8B75-M LX is cheaper and has the IGPU Boost feature which will help in short term till i get my discrete gpu sorted :)

    Thanks for the help :)
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