Is the CX500V2 bad?

i've recently bought the CX500V2, and i know it's not that great, but is it good enough for what i want?
It comes with a 3 year warranty,80 plus, and 34a along the 12v rail.

i currently have a gtx460
amd ph x6 1045t (95w)
1 optical drive
on an m720 us3 motherboard by Gigabyte.

i intend to overclock, but only very slightly (maybe around 10-20%)

i've tried looking for reviews, but i can onlyfind the 430W version or the v1 version.
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  1. It will be fine.
  2. Corsair makes good quality PSUs and that unit is more than powerful enough to run your rig with the OC.
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