How to remedy on short circuited laptop motherboard

A half filled liquid choco was accidentally thrown to the keyboard while I was encoding. Despite of, still I continue my encoding.
Suddenly it stops working. I consulted a repairman/technician but advised me to buy new one. I don't have money for a new one.
It was only supplied by our office where I received it with a memorandum receipt. That is why am afraid the office might asked me to replaced it with a new one. Please help. Thanks and Merry Christmas!
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    what is a liquid choco? well anyway if you can safle say it is just the motherboard that is damaged you can purchase a ew one but i would say multiple components would be damaged such as your hard drive, keyboard and cpu. you should have turned it off after spill btw. replacing motherboard may be cheaper than buying new laptop...
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    Hello, am here again. I have sent another suggestion last week dont know if the team received it. Am planning to buy small tools for small parts, meaning kits with small screw drivers and other small tools for laptop repair. Am experienced in such repair of any kind in my home. But not in laptop. This will be my first time. Will it be OK? Before I will be buying a new one instead, will try to do something on this old damaged one. Thank you. Please again, help me.
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