Can someone help me plz (problems with motherboard)

well l mistakely tried to insert a ddr2 stick in a ddr3 dimmslot and that's when l had problems, l only had a 4 gb vengeance ram stick but when l realised that the ddr2 wouldn't fit on a ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 motherboard l restarted the desktop. The screen wouldn't come on and the dram light kept flashing and sometimes with a stable light while always beeping, when l tried take off the ram stick it needed more force to pull out and l think that damaged the dimm slots. One of the blue on has a raised right side and the second slot has a missing tooth.

So my question is what exatcly is causing the dram light to keep beeping and do l need a new motherboard, cause l doubt l can get one.
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  1. Yes you need a new board. Physically ddr2 does not fit the slot because of they keys and if you forced it in and powered it on something is shorted since the pinout is not the same.
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