600W 80Plus Bronze P/S for Gaming

What brand power supply should I get for my gaming setup?

2500k, gtx560ti, samsung 830 ssd, a cpu cooler, one odd, 8gb ram (4gbx2)
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  1. antec, seasonic, ocz, pc power and cooling, corsair, enermax, silverstone, NZXT are all good - great brands

    good brand, good OEM (seasonic) and a good price

  2. Do you plan on sli'ing the 560ti?
  3. amuffin said:
    Do you plan on sli'ing the 560ti?

    nope probably just one 560ti, dont even know what sli is. seems not necessary to attach two of them
  4. I run a similar setup with a GX550(Coolermaster) cuz you know how shite they are.

    Yes you will be extremely happy with a Antec HCP, Corsair AX, Seasonic X Series but really you don't need to buy a $150-300 PSU to run a single card setup.
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