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Hey, so tomorrow I'll be upgrading my current motherboard, cpu, and ram, from an AMD board to an Intel board. I'm wondering what preparation I should do beforehand, so that I wont get a BSOD on startup. I'd like to be able to do it without having to reinstall Windows 7.

I was reading . The question I have regarding that info is that in my device manager under "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers," there are two "Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller," though my only hard drive is SATA, and there's no “Standard AHCI 1.0 Serial ATA Controller” listed. Is that a problem, or am I fine to go ahead and upgrade?





HDD: (windows 7 x64)


Thanks a lot!
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    Sata drive you are fine but at minimum you will have to do start up repair from your win DVD and install all the drivers for your board after finished. Clean install is though recommended.
  2. Alright thanks, I just made a repair disk. I'll probably do a clean install sometime in the future, I just don't have the best internet right now, yet I have a lot of games and stuff.
  3. So the installation went fine, it goes into BIOS and recognizes my cpu and RAM, but as expected it won't load into windows. Startup Repair says it's not able to fix anything. I tried reverting back to a restore point, which I didn't expect to work as I still had the old hardware then, and now instead of just not loading into Windows, there's BSOD. I tried startup repair a few more times, and it didn't work. Any ideas? I'm trying to avoid having to reinstall, so I'd appreciate some help. Thanks!
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