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hello, i am new to this whole SATA Port thing and i am building a computer. i have the asrock z77 extreme4 and on the SATA ports it says, for better performance plug into sata port 0~5 as boot device. i have no clue what sata port 0~5 means or is and the manual does not help me. i suppose everyone knows what this is by now but im a bit behind, if someone could help me out that would be great. i would like to get best performance out of my new pc thanks.
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  1. It means that you need to place the Sata cable in one of the 6ports. 0~5 means from port 0 to port 5 plug the hard drive anywhere. You can also plug the drive in any of the Sata 6gbps ports(grey coloured ports)
  2. ok, thanks! i appreciate the help. just waiting on my cpu and ill try it out.
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