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I have recently downloaded Dell AIO 946 printer driver - successfully - but when I request Windows 7 pc to print a document it cannot as it can't find the printer port. Being new to this I need guidance as to how to ascertain which port is correct. Printer has USB cable connected and from port tab is using LPT1 port is this the correct one? Please help - I am totally confused????
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    Go to Control Panel right click on your printer icon and choose remove.
    Read the instructions for correct instalation of your printer, ie; typically the printer needs to be disconnected from the computer at start of instalation and then you follow instructions. Not all printers install the same way.
    If you don't have the documentation download it here:
  2. I had a similar experance, you have to choose the printer you want to print it. or it prints into XPS viewer
  3. Thanks Jonmor 68 for your advice have successfully downloaded information from the http address you quoted. I'm still getting message 'Cannot Print the Document close other applications and check you have specified the correct printer port and try again' I have checked under print server properties and printer port highlighted after download is USB001 virtual printer port for Dell AIO printer 946. Is this correct or do I need to set Dell AIO as default printer? Getting sooooo fed up feeling like dumping Dell and buying new printer???? any suggestions?
  4. If you just want to click the print button and have it print... then yes, whatever printer you have connected must be set to default.
  5. If everything else fails, try unistalling your printer drivers. Make sure you unplug you printers usb. Reboot your computer - Plug in your printer usb cable anf let windows find the drivers for it. After it finishes, try printing a test page first.
    If the driver are not correct, go to windows updates and search for updates. If it doesn't find any drivers, try again later in the day or the following morning. Windows 7 has been pretty good about finding the correct drivers.
    BTW: You didn't say if you're using 32 or 64 bit.
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