Need help upgrading whole system HP pav a6863w vista 64bit

Please help me upgrade to a better system!!!

Hp pavilion a6863w
windows vista home premium 64-bit service pack 2
AMD phen 9150e quad core prosessor 1.80GHz
Memory (RAM) 7GB
motherboard specs MSI MS-7548 (Aspen)

product specs page -

hp websites motherboard specs-

I would like to beef up my system because I want to buy cs6 and want my system to be able to handle photo and HD video editing! I do not play alot of games but would like to be able to after my system's hardware upgrade! I can also upgrade to windows 7 but just haven't done that yet...if needed?

The product specs page tells me what processor I can upgrade to but is there other better processors I can use? Like an icore 7? Also are there different types of memory (RAM) that I can use (is there better brands?)

I would like to add as much ram as possible and anything else I need to speed this thing up.
Like a better processor or anything else that you the "Experts" thing I should! I do not have the money to buy a whole new system but I can add stuff every few weeks or so! If I need to add anymore info please let me know.

I am a tinkerer so doing the work isn't a problem, I just want to add the best stuff I can! thanks Bobby

If I sale this computer then my budget is about $1000 or $500 if I upgrade this one. I could spend more if need be!
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    I would sell your system intact instead of upgrading or part it out. You'll have to replace so much stuff that it would be cheaper to wait for a deal online. The other reason is that the original vista software only works with a geniune HP motherboard. Trust me; I've tried using the old software on my compaq system. HP may have some terrific closeout deals in Jan; saw one for $167 last year for a complete system, and it sold out in minutes. Sell it first if you want to build your own and add the $$ to your budget. Here's a few suggestions: $130 $82 $30 w/free shipping $36 $100

    Try the amd onboard video first to see if you're happy with your framerates. View some youtube videos on building your own before you decide to build.

    Here's what I recommend if you decide not to build your own:

    I don't like dell systems that much, but dollar for dollar, this is much cheaper than building your own. You list no budget, so I have to assume you don't have alot to spend. Good luck.
  2. I meant to put my budget but forgot!
    $1,000 is my budget if I sale my system but about $500 if I upgrade it. I can go over the budget if need be!
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