Back from the dead

Hi guys,

So I was trying to revive an old computer just for the sake of trying to have one on my granny's house for their usage (skype, browsing etc.)

mobo is: ASROCK Wolfdale1333-D667

i tried putting in a 1gb of ram 667 and it's still working, i tried putting in a 800mhz 2gb of ram and it still worked just fine then i tried putting the two together and now my desktop just make 2 beep sounds and nothing flashes on my screen. tried taking off one stick and having it powered on but same result, it makes 2 beep sounds and it's booting up.

What might be the problem? Thanks!
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  1. Some mobo give 2beeps at booting.its normal.Example mercury mobos.
  2. I've got it to work. Sorry for the late reply. Video Card Problem. Cleaned it and MAGIC! It fired up again with ease! :D
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