Need Help Choosing a Graphics card

Hey guys im building a new system as of late and im really finding it hard to choose a new graphics card, i have 2 in mind but i dont know which one really would perform better, my specs so far are as follows,

Intel i7 2600k
gskil ripjaws 16gb 1600mhz
msi bigbang b3 mobo,
huntkey 900watt modular powersupply
wd caviar 500gb x3

im looking to instal either a msi 6970 lightning or an msi 570 lighting twin frozr core 3, ive read countless other benchmarks and what not comments ect, but still cant decide which one to choose, im not really a fanboy for either card series as ive had both before and they both work fine. any help is great guys thanks,

ps price isnt really a problem as there both pretty similar,
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  1. All those gfx card manufacturers follow the same reference design so they will all be pretty similar.

    Go for the best deal. Newegg's shell shocker deal today had a gtx 570 + arkham city for 260$.
  2. im in australia sorry i forgot to mention so go by prices on pccasegear there roughly the cheapest in aus, but yeah the reason i want msi is because of the standard overclocks and the good cooling while being quite i dont want to water cool atm,
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