Hard Drive making Weird Noises While Playing Games

Hi, ok so recently i have bought this kind of tech:

Intel pentium G620 2,60ghz dual core cpu
Asus P8H61-M LE/USB3 motherboard
4gb DDDR3 Ram

So everything was fine and my pc worked great, however the onboard graphics were extreeeemly bad, games like battlfield 3 or total war shogun 2 had huge lags.

So i went out and bought an PNY Nvidia Geforce GT440, Now i beleieve it needed 300W and i have a 405W Psu so this was ok, i thought everything will be ok however when i started BF3 the lags were gone but it would freeze in certain places, when this happened the HDD light would be solid Red and i could do nothing on the pc.
My Hdd is very old, around 10 years becasue of this new gear i had to get a IDE to SATA convereter <i kno impractiall bo couldn't afford a new hdd> And so this yellow light would flash on the convereter and it would make this noise, it would start as a sqeauky pop noise and then continue on to be a soft high pitch whirring sound and would start again with the first noise and this would happen until i did a hard reset.

This also happens when i open the casing of my pc and accidentally move a cable or somthing and it would do the same thing at boot, sometimes it isnt even recogines in the BIOS i have to open up the case frantically move around some cables and keep resetting and after a couple of tries it starts to work again.

So i decided to ask my uncle who is a pc nerd and he said that the graphics card or cpu could be over heating, however at max loads my cpu is ussualy 56 degrees and GPU <while playing bf3> when i press the windows button and check on Everest is about 54-58. So this probably isnt the case.

However i am pretty sure i know what the problem is but i still wanna ask, i heard of somthing like bad sectors on a disk and it is 10 years old and i have stuff in my Event viewer like this :

The file system structure on the disk is corrupt and unusable. Please run the chkdsk utility on the volume \Device\HarddiskVolume1.


An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk1\DR1 during a paging operation.

All of this crap is gettin me slightly pissed bcuz i bought this gpu is to run these games and this is rly pissing me off.

Ps on hdd regenerator it say "back up data immediatley" which sorta makes me think its bad ;d

One Last Thing, i have a windows backup cd/dvd thingi, if i were to buy a new hdd could i boot it with this and have all my data as it was just on another hdd??

Thanks ;p
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  1. Btw Its Windows 7 Ultimate 34 bit
  2. Dude! replace the hdd as soon as possible.
    Consider yourself fortunate to get 10yrs out of a daily used hdd.
  3. yh i kno about that but can i use the windows back up cd to "restore" my old files into place or do i have to go through all the installing from scratch?
  4. Just install the new hdd and load the OS on it.
    Install the old hdd and transfer your files to the new one while you still can.
  5. davcon is right, you're lucky to have had the disk for 10 years.
    Replace the drive and install a fresh OS while you still have a chance!
  6. I think the problem is that you have 34 bit windows and everyone else is using either 32 or 64 :)
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