Strange graphics reaction to RAM removal

So I recently bought a PC from cyberpower because building a computer has become too time consuming. Anyway I know it's best to build a computer with my own two hands because hardware is very unstable nowadays, out of 10 components ive almost always had one die on me within the first month. That being said a few days ago my PC randomly shut down I proceeded to boot up only to see a black screen on my display. I opened the box to see the CPU and RAM LED's glowing a solid red. Ive had issues similar to this so I began checking every part and reseating it manually. Reseting the mobo took care of the CPU issues however the PC still would not boot up. I then reseated everything else before I tried reseating the RAM. Here's where things get strange. I removed each and every stick of RAM and reseated them until I found the faulty stick. Success! The red LED had diasappeared. This IMO in itself is strange I'd never heard of RAM causing a computer not to POST but apparently this was the case. So now that I had reseated everything firmly and was sure everything was seated properly I proceeded to turn on my PC once more. I configured my Bios settings and thank god my hard drive was still intact. 10 minutes in my screen pixelated and the display once more went black. Can anyone shed some light on this topic? Also a little off topic is it possilble for a USB device, specifically a razer naga epic to cause damage such as this? Here are my PC specs from the cyberpower invoice, the pricing is off.


ITEM             DESCRIPTION                          QTY    UNIT PRICE  PRICE     
===============  ===================================  =====  ==========  ==========
ID-INFO          288735 SP4Z                              1        0.00        0.00
MODEL2           MEGA                                     1        0.00        0.00
KB-152-101       BLACK XTREME GEAR MULTIMEDIA/ INTERNE    1        0.00        0.00
MO-115-101       BLACK XTREME GEAR OPTICAL USB GAMING     1        0.00        0.00
CU-197-206       INTEL i7-960 3.20GHZ 8M 1366 RETAIL      1     1139.00     1139.00
HD-403-306       1TB SATA III 7200 RPM 3.5" HARD DRIVE    1        0.00        0.00
RM-319-102       CORSAIR DOMINATOR 2GB PC1333 DDR3 PC3    3       13.00       39.00
FA-104-202       ENERMAX CLUSTER UCCL12 120MM WHITE LE    2       22.50       45.00
FA-WATER-104     ASETEK 550LC 120MM WATERCOOLER           1       47.00       47.00
FA-104-201       ENERMAX UC-12EB 120MM BLACK CASE FAN     2        0.00        0.00
CS-433-104       RAIDMAX HELIOS GAMING MID-TOWER CASE     1        0.00        0.00
NL-202-107       BLUE 12" LIQUID NEON THUNDER LIGHT       1       15.00       15.00
CD-139-206       BLUE SONY 24X DVDRW                      1        9.00        9.00
SERVICE-301      M. FAN SERIES                            1        0.00        0.00
MISC             PUSH AND PULL                            1        0.00        0.00
MR-104-101       12-IN-ONE INTERNAL CARD READER           1        0.00        0.00
MB-340-125       ASUS SABERTOOTH X58 2 WAY SLI/CROSSFI    1       24.00       24.00
MISC             NO SLI/CROSSFIRE                         1        0.00        0.00
SERVICE-201      SOUND ABSORBING FOAM ON SIDE, TOP AND    1       29.00       29.00
MISC             NO OPERATING SYSTEM                      1        0.00        0.00
PS-129-101       RAIDMAX RX-850AE 850 WATT 80 PLUS GOL    1       32.00       32.00
MISC             ONBOARD 7.1 SOUND                        1        0.00        0.00
BOX1             SYSTEM BOX AND FOAM                      1        0.00        0.00
VC-208-101       AMD RADEON HD6950 2GB DDR5 PICE          1       61.00       61.00
FD-ASS-107       BLACK 3.5 MOUNTING KIT                   1        0.00        0.00
===============  ===================================  =====  ==========  ==========
                                                              Subtotal     1440.00
                                                              Shipping       99.00
                                                     Shipping Discount      -75.00
                                                           E-WASTE Fee        0.00
                                                                Tax 0%        0.00
                                                                 Total     1464.00
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  1. Is it still under warranty? If you cant build them how are you expecting to troubleshoot which is many times more difficult?
    Pixelated screen points to GPU failure or even PSU.
  2. Building a computer has become too time consuming? lol

    I can build a pc in 30minutes from scratch, and I DONT do it for a living, never have. Cmon man.
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