New Motherboard, No Boot

First off this isn't your normal PC so everything talked about here will be pretty much strange.
I have an embedded mobo PCM-5823 that will not boot and is brand new. I have tried running on just essentials but with no change.

It will power on and give me a continuous beep. Which according to the BIOS manufacturer (Award) is Faulty or badly seated RAM. I have checked this and even swapped the RAM for another working stick. I did try measuring the voltage on the 4 pin molex and Im not sure Im getting the correct voltages.

Also on the underside of it is the Green Power LED that once powered on will repeatedly flash, am I safe to assume that Im getting incorrect voltages and causing RAM faults for POST?

If anyone can help that would be great, but if not oh well, or if this is in the wrong place please let me know.
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  1. Hi, Using a power supply like this one ?
  2. You will need to list the specs of the system first, power supply used, wattage, memory type and speed, capacity.
  3. The board is a bit different than regular desktop boards.
    It requires only 5V.
    Have you connected a 12V PSU molex?
  4. Yes, it is much different than a a regular desktop. Under load the PSU is putting out the correct voltage +12 +5 +5 -12 and Im using this PSU (this is a PDF datasheet)

    I actually get no function out of it unless I plug in the backlight for the LCD screen, then it will start beeping. Without that connection, it will be dead except for the flashing green LED.
  5. Hard to say. Does the manual give any info ?
    Especially regarding the auxiliary power connector (CN4)?
  6. Its actually CN9 +12 and +5. Ive checked it and those are there. Now Im getting the beep with nothing plugged in. Faulty board?
  7. If all connections are according to the specs... It might be.
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