Can i connect my 3 pin fan to f panel?

Hi everyone! I have problems with air flow in my case. therefore i'd like to put an extra 3 pin fan into my case. the only problem is i dont have any more 'plugs' to put it. on my mobo i have one sys fan plug. I have a gigabyte g31m-es2l rev. 2.0 mobo can i put it on the f_panel?gergelyvs[at]
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  1. No that's for your front panel buttons, you can always get a molex to 3 pin converter like this:
  2. yes ,you have a 3pin system fan connector at the bottom.Forget it i see you already used that one.
  3. You can buy a Y-splitter for a fan header, I don't know what would be labeled f_panel that would have anything to do with a fan.
  4. then id like to ask if i can put a 2pin psu fan on ? :D
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