CF 6970 power usage

Can this PSU take on 2 6970s?
My system:
MSI P67 G43
i5 2500k (want to oc to 4.2ghz)
5 leds fans
coolmaster212 heatsink
2 x 4Gb DRR3 kingston RAM
1 hardrive(want to add one to two SDD and one more if possible)
1 dvd drive
I also want to have enough power to run 3 to 4 external USB devices
May add one or two external hardrives.
I am kinda new at watt calculating, so can someone give me a solid answer?

Thank you, testier.

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  1. That link is a to a joystick ;)
  2. corrected, sorry.
  3. Check this old thread out; I think it will answer your questions better than I can hehe :)

    I would go 850W also.
  4. So that would be a no? What is the worst case scenario of me not having enough watts to power those cards?
  5. Best answer
    ahh just edited above post.

    I would go 850W myself.

    This is what will happen if you don't have enough power to the GPU:
  6. Great, more money needed. Well thank you for your time.
  7. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news :(

    If you need help with an 850W psu, just say so. And, list your budget and where you would like to buy from
  8. Well, my friend recommended me to use a 850w too. I just want the cheapest possible 850w that can run 2 hd 6970s. I dont care about customer service and all. As long as it runs cards and not fragile, I am happy.
  9. be really careful with your PSU choice: going the cheap route could be a hazard for your system. Make sure that you get at least 80+ certified and check reviews of your choice. Or post in the new build or PSU forums here and ask for help.

    You really want a good psu that will be stable. Don't just go with the cheapest you can find!
  10. Thank you.
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