Upgrading System need Advise

Hello everyone, first I want to thank you for taking the time out to read this post. :hello:

Second: I am looking to do some upgrades to my system, see if its possible or not, and would like some advise from the community.

Preferred Website: or

Here are my current system specs:

Mobo: BIOSTAR TP45E XE LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 Conroe 2.13GHz

GPU: BFG Tech GeForce 9800 GT OC 1GB

RAM: G.SKILL PI Black 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2

OS: Windows XP sp3 (will upgrade to Win 7 64-bit if upgrading)

HD: Samsung Spinpoint P series 200gb

PSU: TOPOWER X3 Series ZU-550W

My thoughts are on upgrading my CPU, HD and possibly the GPU, im trying to work on a budget of ($250-$375) give or take a few :) , considering its the time of sales hopefully there will be a nice deal out there or if its even worth upgrading this components.

Im not very computer savy, but I can hold my own enough to build stuff hehe, though if anyone has a better suggestion on how or what to upgrade for my system, I am all open to that as well.

So what do you guys think? any thoughts will be very appreciated :D
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  1. When you're upgrading your CPU, I would recommend going with the Sandy Bridge CPUs, which means you need to upgrade your Motherboard. I would also recommend you wait until HDD sales drop before you buy a new one, since the HDD prices are sky high thanks to the flood in thailand.

    CPU: i3 2100 $125

    Motherboard: ASRock H61M-VS $60

    Graphics: GIGABYTE GV-N560UD-1G GeForce GTX 560 Ti $220

    Total: $405
  2. If this is for gaming, just upgrade the gpu. There's no reason to upgrade os or any other part unless it's an "upgrade" to a whole new computer. However you could probably find a used core 2 quad for cheap like $50. There's no reason to buy a new c2q with less performance than that i3 that costs less.

    @dragon, you forgot ram, he has ddr2.
  3. Ah I see,

    @dragon Thanks for those suggestion, will be looking into that possibility.

    yes the main objective of this computer is for gaming purposes, though the reason I was thinking of upgrading, was due to recent slow performance, it seem to have slowed down a lot recently, I build this computer about 2 years ago, tho the MB is from last year since old one busted, I guess probably the only thing that's from the original build is the CPU,HDD :P

    And I wasn't aware of the flood in Thailand, I supposed that explains the price hikes I seen recently.

    @k1114 Where would you suggest I could find a used C2Q for sale? :)

    Would like to see the possibility of just upgrading the GPU and CPU.... maybe even replacing the stock HSF for an aftermarket one....
    oh and would the GPU that dragon posted be compatible with my current Mobo?

    greatly appreciate the advise so far guys :)
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    That hdd is getting pretty old, if it was used a lot it might be slowing things down. C2q used to be more common, I can't seem to find them cheap anymore. Ebay has raised prices, googling is getting a couple cheap ones but I've never heard of these sellers. I don't know about you but my city's craigslist has a couple of c2q every so often. Seems this may be out of the question. A c2d can still handle a pretty high end card if oc to 3ghz, with gpu intensive games you could get away with a 560ti. But doesn't solve the slowing down. A ssd would definitely speeds things up but would recommend win7 with that. Will want to see what kind of black friday/cyber monday deals pop up.
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