CPU Fan doesn't spin, everything else fires up though...

So please bear with me, as this is my second home build computer.

Got all the parts brand new from fry's today, was really happy when I came home.
My board is a GIGABYTE 8800GM-D2H
Processor is a AMD AM3 Socket 3.6GHz Quad Core FX 4800 (shiny!)
PSU is a Raidmax RX-630SS (630w)

So I installed the board, screwed it down lightly, taking care not to break anything
Installed the psu, no problems
Took the chip and heatsink out, thermal paste was pre applied.
Foolishly touched the bottom prongs of the chip, thought no problems, and continued with installation
Lifted up lever to open socket, installed chip, closed lever
Placed heatsink ontop, latched down (... clip thingy was loose and seemed broken, DOA heatsink...??)
Connected the wire coming out of the heatsink to CPU_FAN in the board
Connected the 4 pin from the psu to the board
Connected the 20+4 from the psu to the board
Connected case fan to SYS_FAN at the bottom
Connected the system beeper thing, connected the power light and power switch from case -> board
Connected monitor to vga
Fired up board, cpu fan wouldn't spin, but the board would
* I never installed ram, never even got a beep from the beeper*
I turned off the system, flipped the beeper around thinking i put the + in - and - in +.
turned back on, no luck

The cpu fan wouldn't spin, but even when I add things onto the psu, the devices get power (hdd makes sound, gpu fan runs full speed)

I'm not suspecting a bad psu, or bad board, because the system fan and external devices get power. What else could I have done? Does touching the bottom of the processor really break it? I'm gonna go get the parts swapped out tomorrow some time, but is there anything I can try before I do that? I don't want to make another trip to frys...
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  1. A couple of things you could try.
    Connect the CPU fan to a different header, it does not have to by the sys one. This will tell you if the fan is working; or try the fan on another board which you know is working.
    I have a M/B at the moment which powers up the HD etc, but does not work, the result of a power surge,
    Yours may be the same, not working. I don't think touching the CPU pins should make any difference unless you bent/broke one,]
  2. touching the cessor pins wont be the cause of the fan not working

    read the thread about how to troubleshoot a new build

    and check you have both mb power cables connected , and the heat sink is firmly attached
  3. @pastit

    There aren't any other headers that are the same size / shape as the heatsink's.
    Power surge you say? Quite maybe... considering it's a new build though, idk lol.

    cessor pins? Yeah both mb power cables are connected. I said I connected the 20+4 and the 4 pin cables to the board...

    I tried to troubleshoot, I breadboard'ed with the following connected:
    20+4 pin m/b power
    4 pin for cpu power
    heatsink fan connector
    power switch connector
    system beeper
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