Need help for new build 2600K - GTX 560 ti ...

I'd like to replace my old computer with a new one, I think I decided most of components (I got the idea from a recent article about the Z68 here,3025-10.html)
but I'm not sure about memory, which would you recommend?

If you see things that could be improved let me know, I plan to purchased on black friday

Thanks! :)

so far I want to buy
$310 Intel 2600K
$260 P8Z68 DELUXE/GEN3
$240 GTX 560 Ti
$65 Thermalright MUX-120

I have a 700W PSU, I'm going to purchase a Samsung 24in 1920x1080 and will be playing old games like fallout 3/NV , counterstrike source or any new fps (I don't know about the new ones!)
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  1. You might want to bring your components en-par.
    Get the i5 2500k, it is the same performance for gaming for quite a bit less.
    Get AsRock extreme3 gen3, it is an amazing overclocker.
    Get a cheaper heatsink, perhaps the Corsair A70 (i don't advice cooling performance bellow this point)
    If we saved enough money then get a gtx 570 or a 6970
  2. hi,
    is there a big difference between an i5 and i7? I thought there was.. if not how big?

    ok I'll take note for the asrock

    ok for fan

    which is better between those 3 gfx? 560ti, 570, 6970?

    also where would you guys buy, I use google search..

    thanks for your help! :)
  3. so far got this now

    $215 Intel Core i7-2500K
    $128 ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3
    $75 Corsair Vengeance 8 GB : 2 x 4 GB PC3-12800
    $240 GTX 560 Ti
    $35 Corsair Air Series A70
    $199 Samsung 24 LED
  4. newegg is running some deals right now. you can get the i5 2500k for 200$.
    you can also get that same memory kit for 30$ on newegg withtheir black friday deals.
    They also have a screaming deal on 23.5 inch led monitor for 130$.
    The GTX 560 ti is a good card. however if you play your cards right, you can get a GTX 570 from newegg for 227$ if you watch the open-box specials!!! I saw a hd 6950 2gb the other day for $170!!!!!!!
    I wouldn't suggest getting your mobo from an open-box special, because newegg doesn't guarantee that all the accessories and cd's and even the manual will be with it. But a 350$ video card for 227??? I'll take it!!!!
  5. widj said:
    is there a big difference between an i5 and i7? I thought there was.. if not how big?

    There's only a big difference if you're encoding video or something. For gaming, the only difference is cost.
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