500$ gaming rig

Hi, I tried to make my own build but loads of things that I did not know about came into play. I thought it would be simple but stuff like 1.5v for ram and what not interfered. I was wondering if someone can help me out.

I'm currently looking for a 450-500$ gaming rig.
Crossfire: Yes
OC: Yes
Usage (least to greatest): Gaming, surfing web
Not an extreme gamer

Here is what I have:
Diablotek PSU- 500w (crap brand but great review 4.9/5stars)
HD 5670s x2

What I need:

I was thinking this mobo: ASRock 970 EXTREME4
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    NO to Diablotek!!! It is a PSU-shaped object which should never be attached to computer components if there is any possibility it will be connected to an A/C power source at the same time. Consumer fluff <> competent technical reviews; both jonnyguru and HardwareSecrets have reviewed a few Diablotek models and found them to be overrated GARBAGE.
    A quality modern PSU has full range active PFC (no little voltage switch) and some level of 80+ certification for efficiency. On a budget, the Antec Earthwatts and Corsair Builder series of PSUs can usually be found for good prices.
  2. Yeah, haha I'm always told diablotek is crud. Mind linking me something nice please?
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