To wait or not to wait

I have been having a horrible time deciding to wait until ivy bridge is out until i make my new build. I just finished my brothers i5 2500k build which I am absolutely happy with however, I feel that weather the performance difference is 5% or 30% I should wait until ivy bridge is out before i do my personal rig... On the other hand I am dying for a new build....

So i ask for the pros and cons from the community, fold and just go for my new rig with sb now or wait it out and get ivy? and yes i know we dont know what ivy will do or what performance will change however I am just looking for advice from the it always worth waiting a few months by your past experience?
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  1. New technology will always becoming out. Whatever you make now will become old but Sandy Bridge is a known performance king. I would just go with Sandy Bridge along with a decent setup now. Get the best now and use it out. Why wait?
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