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Dell Precision 690 upgrading to 2 quad cores X5365 Xeon Processors, but the system keeps saying Alert Incomparable Processors halts at checkpoint Ithr, LGA 771 socket, and 32G ram. BIOS A08. I do not understand the issue. It will not boot completely. Any help is appreciated.
Steve Nutt
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  1. What did you upgrade from?
    Did you find any reports of Dell Precision 690 owners doing that same update successfully?
  2. Dell Accessories: Xeon X5365 3 GHz Quad-Core Processor – Second Processor for Dell Precision Workstation 690
    "Designed to work with the Dell Precision Workstation 690"
    I'm thinking that certainly qualifies as a 'success report'.

    Have you check the Dell support forums yet?
  3. I had same error when i upgraded to 5355 quad xeon 2.66ghz with A08 bios, what solved my problem was resseting bios. But every time i unplug the power i have to reset bios. I was told that dowgrading to A01 bios would solve the issue, but i havent got around to it yet.
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