Computer Problem, I need help.

I recently got a gaming pc from newegg, and while I was playing SWTOR, my pc just shut down and a loud pop noise came then the lights and all of the power in my room turned off. I heard this has something to do with power supply so when I plugged it back in it made another pop noise. Any idea what happened?

My pc specs:
intel core i7 2600k
Nvidia gtx 560 ti
700w PSU
23-inch Acer Monitor
1 terrabyte of Storage
16gb ram
Z68 motherboard

The pc worked perfectly fine until now...
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  1. power suplly is making short do not plug it again ask for rma maker shure that the outlet in the wall is ok and not having anysing of burn around the outside connector do yourself a gift buy a power bar for safety from computer store
  2. I use one.
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    1. no such thing as a i7 2500k XD
    2. 1tb or MEMORY? or storage XD memory is ram.

    to answer your question, its probably the PSU but it could also be because you are using too much power in one area in your room.

    btw, do you know how many watts your system uses with your specs? im curious because i wanna get sli gtx 560 tis and i wanna know if 700W would be enough, probably not though.
  4. Yes you need to replace the psu as soon as possible.
    Don't use it again or you could damage your components.
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