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Temperature check on SLI'd GTX 580's with Dead Island

Hey everyone,

Just want to see if this is normal for playing Dead Island on dual GTX 580's (1.5gb) cards.

I know that Dead Island doesn't support SLI (At least I think not) so the temperatures are due to that, but I want to be sure it's not too hot for 1 card to handle ...

Currently with everything on max and AA at 16x (Set via Video.scr file), I am getting 83 degrees (celcius) on one card while the other remains at idle temps (around 38-40c)...

Nothing in the system is currently overclocked and I get 110+ FPS in game.

Is that okay?

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    thats normal .. because one card is working , thats pressure at one card on SLI at game does not support SLI :D .. you should dessconect or disable the other card
  2. Yep.
  3. Excellent ... Thanks to both of you for the answer!
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