First Build. Booting doubts

Hi guys..

I plan on building a system an intel i5 2500k, with a asus P8P67 - PRO motherboard and a Asus Radeon HD 6950 GPU.
Here's my question, currently i dont have a monitor, but i do have a 32" LED TV. As soon as i have assembled everything, can i connect the LED tv to the graphics card's HDMI output and boot for the first time. Will the display work or should i connect the TV to my motherboard via a VGA cable and install Windows 7 and graphic card drivers before connecting the TV to my GPU?
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  1. VGA/DVI cable will work without an issue. If you want to connect HDMI and boot the pc, you should change the bios PCIe settings and Disable usb booting.
  2. Thank you perfectblue

    Will try your suggestion.
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