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Oh, venerable Tom's Hardware community, through which one can attain an almost god-like knowledge, tell me some stuff!

I need a new case, but I have very specific needs, and have come across many small problems, for example:

The Antec 902 V3 can't mount a H100 in the top (or can it?);
the Corsair Carbide 500R's window is not big enough and can't be seen through too well;
the Corsair Obsidian 800D is too damn expensive;
and the Cooler Master CM 690II Advanced (with window) is *just* too tall.

So, what I'm looking for is decent cooling, ability to mount a Corsair H100 (preferably in the roof), a decent side window, either (ideally) just under 48cm high, or 58cm high (I have a detachable shelf on my computer stand), and not costing more than £120. Heavy things such as cases have different selling prices than if you just convert it into USD, sorry!

I MAY be able to spend a bit more, if it's really good value.

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  1. It does tick all the boxes, and it does have a sizeable side window, but it's still a bit expensive!
    You should also note that the second link doesn't work.

    Still looking!
  2. Obesidia said:
    It does tick all the boxes, and it does have a sizeable side window, but it's still a bit expensive!
    You should also note that the second link doesn't work.

    Still looking!

    What do you mean by the CM690II is too tall?
    2nd link doesn't work because it's Sold Out!
  3. i have been seriously considering the corsair 650d--but reported noise from the fan controller made me doubtfull

    but think this case has changed my mind

    not got the window you asked for--but the new side panel with window has already been released and will be in

    shops soon

    link to new panel with window

    this case is getting rave reviews and regarded as better than the haf x --could hold 3 large radiators with a

    bit of jigging--bigger rads than the h100

    and great price cos its coolermasters 20th anniversary
  4. After a bit of Googling, I've ended my misery. Well, not so much misery as doubtfulness, but you get the idea.

    I've decided on the CM Storm Enforcer, as it retails for about £58 and can fit a H100 if you mount it externally, which isn't actually a problem!

    After reading you guys' responses I have some unfinished business to deal with :D

    Firstly the CM 690 II. My desk either accomodates 49cm tall, or 58cm tall cases, with and without a shelf, respectively. A 50cm tall PC in the 58cm space just looks stupid, and before you start, the external radiator (with push/pull configuration) will add a few centimetres on to the height of the Enforcer!

    Also, the second link doesn't say out of stock, it just says product is no longer manufactured, which is weird.

    Sadly, I can't have the Trooper, amazing though it is because it's sort of twice as expensive as the Enforcer, and just too tall!

    Thanks for your help, but I guess I didn't need it!
  5. the CM Storm Enforcer,is a decent budget case

    and if an external radiator doesnt bother you then go for it

    though it may be a bit noisier with the radiator outside the case
  6. Im hearing very good things about this case.

    Lian-Li PC-K63B Black Midi Case
    Lian-Li PC-K63B comes with two 140mm LED front fans and two 140mm top fans keep hot air from damaging your hardware. Tool-less PCI Card Holder - Holds up to seven PCI add-on cards.
    • High Thermal Performance.
    • USB 3.0 Multi-media I/O ports.
    • Tool-less PSU Holder.
    • Tool-less Optical Drive Mounting.
    • Supports up to six 3.5" HDDs & four 2.5" HDDs.
    • Black Chassis with Black Internal Colour.
    215 x 530 x 530 (WxHxD mm)
  7. Hmm, still a bit expensive.
    I might be flogging a dead horse here, but I'll go for it anyway. I've just seen the Fractal Design Define R3 and thought "Whoah, that's pretty good.

    But it's still a bit expensive, and doesn't have a window, but it's the perfect size!
    It has everything else I want, but not a window! Are there any cases like this but with a window?
  8. the 600t will take the h100 in the roof location as long as your not planning on a push/pull setup as it will crowd your ram sticks
  9. NZXT phantom!
  10. Yeah, the new phantom is small and just about cheap enough to consider, as well as the Graphite 600T.
    I think the Phantom's topping the list right about now, because of the price really, about 40% cheaper in the UK!
    I thought the side window was a bit restricted by the mesh and fan at first, but I really will need a fan for cooling GTX 560 Tis in SLI, and it seems I can see quite a lot, because I sit in an elevated position.
    Now I've got quite a bit to work with, thanks guys!
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