Games keep crashing..

When I play source games like Portal 2 or TF2, the screen goes black and crashes. I dont know why it crashes and it pisses me off. I do not know when it crashes, sometimes 10 minutes, sometimes 30 minutes, sometimes an hour. Im thinking its because my amd drivers (Im having problems with those lately). So can anyone tell me whats going on?
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  1. So can anyone tell me his system specs ? No ? Why not ? :lol: Have latest drivers ? Clean install if you did upgrade drivers ? Only source games ?
  2. My specs:

    5850 Sapphire Xtreme


    AMD phenom ii x2 545

    4gb RAM

    I have 11.8 CCC drivers, and only source games crashes.
  3. whats your psu??? If you have a bad Psu, you could be slowly killing all your system.
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