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Hello i have a pc with a:

ASRock N68-GS3 UCC AM3
AMD Athlon II X2 220 2.8 GHZ=5.2 GHZ
Nvidia Geforce GTS250 1GB
250Gb HD
Black Asguard

And i only play games like STALKER 1+2+3, GTA San Andreas, Crysis and my lad plays Call of Duty 4 and all of these i play maxed out apart from crysis, i play that at high rather than very high, and on crysis i rarely drop below 30fps and on CoD its rarely drops below 90fps and STalker is about 40fps.
But soon i will want to play Farcry 3 and Bioshock Infinite when they release, so should i upgrade or not because i dont mind playing games on very low settings because i grew up playing atari 2600 and eventually the highlight was a sega megadrive!
And if so what proccesor should i get, i would like it to be a AMD and a AM3 SOCKET my motherboard can handle 6 cores and 95w.
Also what graphics card should i upgrade to to fit with this CPU.
And also how do i go about installing a cpu, i looked online but i just wondred how do i flash my bios, on the motherboard box it says "flash bios wothout going in an OS like MS-DOS" so how would i go about doing it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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  1. If you're looking for a CPU upgrade, look towards a quad core Phenom II BE you're able to use and overclock it as much as possible. :)

    I will add, dual core does not nearly mean 5.2ghz.
  2. Oh right why a Phenom and not a Athlon.
  3. You must have a low resolution screen. I'd say try the new games before updating.
  4. Phenom II have L3 cache making them better performers. Also, BE means "Black Edition" and that they'll have an unlocked multiplier, meaning they aren't tied to your NB clock (usually a higher overclocking headroom).

    A new GPU would depend on your budget.
  5. At FinneousPJ Yeah its a fairly old and small LCD moniter, like i said graphics arent really important to me and my missus has to use it to do her work so i couldnt sneakily but a new flash moniter lol.
    But at Raidur Oh alright i will go with the Phenom II and money isnt an issue 'cause the other half cant see in the computer.Thanks guys.
  6. Your GPU is going to be the biggest benefit in your upgrade.

    The GTS 250 is now a couple, and soon to be a few, generations old.

    If you're looking at being able to run future games... maybe wait a couple months (new GPUs have been [7970&50 7770&50] and more are releasing at this time [Nvidia and other 7 series]) for prices to come down (assuming your current performance is satisfactory).

    In the current time a fast Phenom II Black Edition quad core (maybe a heatsink for overclocking, as the Phenom II BE has good headroom) compatible with your mobo is a good upgrade and I couldn't see the prices getting much better than they already are.
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