This Memory with this Board?

Okay, my main question is, why are there 3 different PC speeds for 1333MHz RAM? Will the kind I picked (the fastest kind) work alright with this board?

I was asking about boards the other day, I've decided to spend some extra money for the Gigabyte-970a-UD3, since I'm most used to Gigabyte brand boards. Looking at memory, since I run 4Gigs of DDR2 currently (32 bit OS), don't run multiple programs, and I'm not an OCer I plan to save some money now and just buy 2x2Gb sticks running @1333 Mhz (I don't want to mess with timings and stuff in BIOs), like I said, I don't OC so adding two more sticks for 8 gigs later won't bother me, I'm switching to a 64 bit OS.

RAM: (this memory because it has the lowest CAS LAT and Timings compared to other RAM for the same price)
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    that should work, and has a nice cl.
  2. Would recommend 1600Mhz Ram
  3. I'm aware that the 1600Mhz RAM is pretty much the same price, but I don't want to have to set it manually in BIOs. I'm not sure how to do it, and when I get my new board I'll be anxious to get windows installed and licensed and running right. And I'd think that the CL LAT 7 would make up for it a bit.

    Is there any reason there's three different kinds of 1333 MHz ram though?
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