How do you find out if you can change video card on laptop

i want to know how i can find out if i can upgrade my video card on my laptop i called sony and they brushed me off with a we dont do it so we dont know my prosseser and ram are up to par but my video card is not cutting it with games and with star wars coming out soon its time to find out what options i have sony vaio vpcf127fx
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  1. Don't think so, but only way to be really sure is to open the case, but, having tried that myself once and screwing up the keyboard, it ain't easy. Normally spoken you can't change the gpu on a laptop, only on pretty expensive ones. Maybe ask a local pc shop to have a look at it. Maybe it costs you like 5 buck but you'll be sure it stays intact.
  2. No you can't change a GPU in a laptop for really one reason alone. In a laptop EVERYTHING but really the RAM and HDD is build into the motherboard and to change one part of it, such as the GPU, you would have to basically change everything. This would basically mean buying a new laptop. Best thing to do though is get up maybe at least 400-500 bucks and you could get yourself a pretty nice PC if you look at the 500 bucks gaming PC Tom's Hardware did.
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