Sometimes computer randomly no post, no boot, and no video

This is on an originally HP m9150f computer from a long time ago, which runs an ASUS motherboard. Its been swapped to a antec 300 case about 2 and half years ago, with SSD installed and upgraded graphics card.
In the recent weeks, without any modifications to the computer itself, sometimes the computer would randomly decides not to post. Upon power up, all fans spin fine, HDD spins up, but there is no video output, no beeps, and no HDD activity. The thing that complicates it a bit is that it doesn't happen EVERY time. It seems to be totally dependent on luck. Sometimes I would be able to power it on normally without any problems, but then on other days it may take 4 or 5 power off/ons to make it successfully boot up. All this is without any change to the computer itself. I tried cleaning the dust, tried reconnecting everything, yet nothing seems to be eliminating the problem. It's becoming more and more frequent recently, and I don't know what the problem might be.

PSU seems fine, as everything spins up, power lights up. HDD seems fine, as it spins up, and if it's not detected I should get a no bootable device error. Graphics card does not seems to be the problem, as there is no HDD activity whatsoever. If it's a graphics problem everything else should still load as normal. So after these eliminations, I'm left with CPU, Mobo, or RAM problems. I haven't tried booting without RAM, as I don't have the computer with me at the moment. But I think if its a RAM problem it should at least sound a beep...But then again this is a HP tuned ASUS motherboard, not sure if its different. When its completely booted, I'm not getting any RAM errors during the normal usage.

What else should I try to do? Does this sound like a CPU or mobo problem? or i'm I wrong in some of my eliminations? And I cannot reproduce it EVERY time, although it's becoming more frequent.
Again, no components were added or removed in the past year or so. It jsut randomly decides to act up.
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  1. I have had this problem, remove the CPU, make sure there is not dust on the pads and the pins it the motherboard, replant it and add new thermal paste, apply heatsink. See if it boots.

    Run memtest
  2. did memtest 86, came back no errors at all, will try replanting the CPU.
  3. I would try resetting or updating (but you said its old so that might not be a option) BIOS after you do what mc_creeper said.
  4. tzarlazar said:
    I would try resetting or updating (but you said its old so that might not be a option) BIOS after you do what mc_creeper said.

    already tried popping the CMOS to reset it, and bios update is not available. Last update was from 2009
  5. I have just tried taking out the CPU and heatsink completely, there indeed was a lot of dust around it. Cleaned them off, put everything back together, took 5 tries to boot up again...
    Dunno what to do now..
  6. It looks like bad mobo or CPU to me.
  7. Having the same problem please help
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