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Hi guys, I've recently had problems with my RAM and I ran some tests and found that only one of my two 4GB sticks @ 1333MHz was causing the problem. I recently received two 8GB sticks of RAM at 1600MHz. I've come to understand that they will all run at 1333MHz if used together.

My question is, is it better to use all three sticks to get 20GB or would it be better to use just the two 8GB sticks for 16GB.

I've heard mix reviews on whether dual channel is better than the extra RAM, and I was wondering if someone could fill me in.

NOTE: All three are of the same DIMM, and voltage. The timing on the 4GB is 9-9-9-24, and I can't seem to find the timing on the 8GB sticks.

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  1. 16GB would be overkill for everything except rendering/editing so I would say just run the 16. Additional ram does not help unless you really need it.
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