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Using PC on TV: Wireless keyboard & mouse, and a long HDMI cable

Hi all, thanks for taking the time to check out my post.

The situation is as follows: In my living room, I currently have my PC and a 22 inch monitor on a desk in the corner. My goal is to be able to switch over to my 37inch TV when needed. For this to work, I need a HDMI mini to HDMI cable, that I can put under the carpet to reach the TV. When I want to use my PC on my TV, I'll just plug in the new HDMI mini into my graphics card instead of my monitor's HDMI mini. I also would like a wireless keyboard and mouse to use (as I'm considering using it either on sofa or even on an exercise bike - manly eh?)

I am not just simply asking "What should I buy?", but there's a few things I'd like some feedback on:

1) with the HDMI mini to HDMI, I think I'd need at least a 5 meter long one. When looking to purchase one of these, is there anything specific to look for, or should I grab the cheapest available that I can find?

2) I do photo editing and game on my PC. I'm not looking to win competitions while gaming, and so a simple 3 button mouse should do the job, though any thumb buttons would be a defintate plus. Because of this though, I require a semi decent layout of keys (though I'm kind of used to some laptop keyboards so double heigh enter key isn't required, though may be preferred). More importantly though, I've recently looked into a review of a logitek k340, as it was going cheap - but found that it doesn't let you use more than 2 keys simultaniously, such as w a and space all at once (needed in most FPS games). Is this common in wireless keyboards?

3) based on the above, if you have any recommendations - in regards to set up or specific equipment, then please feel free to let me know.

Thank you for your time,

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    The Wireless hdmi, is currently unconventional, the reason i say that is that it can only send a refresh rate of 60hz, a low bandwith, and poor distance between devices. I would suggest a

    coupled with a :

    As for the mouse and keyboard, that is up to you, it is all about personal preference but here is a good site for comparison of all types of keyboards:;bc
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