PC Wont boot with more than 1 stick of ram

My pc wont boot up with more than 1 stick of ram. It worked fine with 2x a-data 4gb 1333 memories for 6.5 months, and then something happened. it wont start with 2 sticks anymore, when powered up, fans work and hdd lights up, but there is no beeps or image, also no light on keyboard or mouse. it's a storebought asus CG8350 "gaming" pc. Has anyone else had the same problem.
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  1. It might be a RAM issue, but I think that you can't open the case (warranty issues), or have you? Try contacting the reseller or ASUS.
  2. i have opened the case allredy, and i have tested with another ram (kingston 4gb 1333) did not work.
  3. Try resetting the bios settings and set the timings of the new ram card( Kingston) manually. Also make sure it is running at the right frequencies.
    Does both the card you previously owned (not the Kingston card) workes when using one card at a time?
    Try using two cards from the same set after setting up the bios.
    How many ram slots do you have?
  4. I had that issue once, try swapping the places of the ram sticks. Had me trying for weeks and all I did it that and it worked, might help your issue.
  5. i believe 1 of the ram slots is broken. had to switch places from black to blue (intel)
  6. Do not jump to that conclusion yet try putting a different set of ram cards and see if that works.
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