Battlefield Bad Compan 2 Hangs after a while

Hey Guys,

Well i have a big problem bothers me, i asked this here bcuz i think it's the best place for getting a decent help

i'm from egypt so my english isn't very good but i will try to explain :-

My PC :-

CPU :AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE C3 @ 3.8GHZ @ Stock voltage ( 1.4 V )
Mobo: Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H Rev 2.x
Ram: 4GB DDR2 ( 2x2GB) Adata XPG gaming 1066mhz Dual channel @ 2.0 Volt ( voltage is required for it to run )
VGA Or GPU : Sapphire HD 6850 Toxic @ 950Mhz O'Ced ofc from 820 @ Stock voltage ( 1.175 v as it shows in TriX )
HDD: WD 1TB Green ( -.- )

Edit: sorry forgot my Powersupply

it's HEC Cougar 700W

Other stuff : ThermalTake V3 BE , Thermaltake Contac 29 , always play at 1680x1050 @ 60Hz

My Problem :-

Battlefield BadCompany 2 Keeps Hanging after playing multiplayer for a while @ Max Settings , after 2 matches to be exact how ever when i underclock to 3.7 for CPU and 920 Mhz for GPU it lasted for 3 matches then hang again

when it hangs it Loops annoying sound ( PC Freezes ) and then it Restarts automatically after 3 to 5 seconds

the problem started in AMD's Catalyst 11.8 which had in release notes somthing about this issue and i Quote

"Battlefield – Bad Company 2 may randomly hang after a period of game play. "

however rolling back to older drivers from 11.7 to 11.6 the problem is still there and it didn't help at all

formated the windows and installed every thing again and didn't install the catalyst ( tested using the stranded windows driver ) which it was 11.6 still it hanged

another problem was there that it was freezing at the very begining of each match after changing servers for 20 sec then it runs smooth then again after a while it freezes PC restarts aka back to problem 1

however it isn't freezing at beginning of the game now after updating to 11.9 RC and yup the Leaked one.

i don't think the problem with the Graphic card as it didn't show anything like with all other games i have even the heavest game i have run smoothly like metro DX 10 @ Very high AAA and it runs @ solid 27 as min FPS so far and same thing to crysis 2 @ DX 11 HD Textures and Ultra Except for the objects and it scores 38 - 35 as Min FPS ( not always )

and when i run BC2 aside from the 1st problem it crashes to desktop only when i'm running 3.8 GHZ for CPU Freq and every single app crashes along until i restart ...yet again the pc Lasted at Prime95 Torture Test ( Blend ) for 6 Hours with 57c as a Max Temp ( topped to 58c some times ) :)

i know i talked alot but i wanted to give u detailed problem specs and i wish u guyz help me bcuz it like getting under my skin !
Y bc2 it's the only multiplayer game i have right now and i preorderd BF3 but i don't want the same problem as it's the family's Engine ( Frostbite )

is it just me bcuz after searching i didn't find same problems except for the - 20 sec - match start freeze - thing.

thnx in advance guyz and i'm willing to post screenshots regarding my problem

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  1. I am having the same issue with my HD4850 card with BC2. I have tried every trick in the book, from registry tweaks that were suggested to putting default settings into Video card, running as admin, running in XP compatibility mode and tweaking the settings.ini file to run at DX 9 instead of auto. The horrible lag when starting a map for 20 seconds I got used to and just go get a drink at the beginning of every map until it settles back down.
    I have swapped RAM with different brands, reinstalled Windows 7, new power supply from a 450watt to a 650watt (thinking I was under powering the system). I was thinking the card was just going bad but I played 2 HD movies streamed from Netflix last night without a hitch. I can also play in single player mode with High settings and don't get issues.
    As far as the crashing, that only happened to me once when I started to OC the GPU using Overdrive. Put back to defaults and hasn't happened since...of course it was just last night.
    I am actually having startup issues in this PC where I get no screen unless I hit the reset button over and over for about 2 minutes before it comes on.
  2. i think i will put GPU to normal Clock even tho i didn't face a single problem with 950 Mhz for my toxic

    i think i will untick the underpower from " could be " since i have a decent PSU with enough juice to run 2 Toxic 6870 In CrossfireX

    ur story is almost identical to mine until lately it stopped lagging ( very low fps rate at the start of each match )

    i will try tommorow and put the updates later
  3. I just finished uninstalling everything ATI related and downloaded the Catalyst 10.2 files. My 20 sec lag issue is gone and so far, I havent had one issue in 30 minutes of gameplay...fps is up quite a bit
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    hey guys,

    after much trouble with the same issue, i seem to have found the solution, for me anyway.

    punkbuster and bc2 seem to have a problem with any program that monitors your gpu (temps, clocks, etc.) programs such as msi afterburner and HW Monitor need to be closed so that the game does not pick up any activity from them, it seems to detect it as a cheat of some sort. Set your clocks and fan speed with your desired program and exit it before you begin bc2. if your clocks and temps are OK, then you will not hang. I haven't in the past week that I have tried it.

    Hope this helps
  5. thnx man i will try your suggestion as i always leave TriXX Opened

    Ok trying and will post the results later
  6. it WORKS

    thnx very much man
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