Motherboard replacement for i7 2600k

Hey guys, i've been off the market for a while now and Im totally clueless to anything that's come out in the last year or so.

I have an old Crosshair IV with my 1090t phenom II and picked up a 2600k to replace. I'm running a 6990 HD and that's basically it, only other notable thing is I'll need a sata3 for my ssd but I assume most if not all 150-200£ boards will have Sata 3 =/

Can you guys suggest something stable with decent overclocking options (Friendly gui and good cooling on the board itself.) I'd love to stay under £200 but I can handle anything right upto that price!

So in summary-
i7 2600k
6990 HD (Might think of 2 of these later or going over to Nvidia and trying some PhyX so if possible a board that can run two lanes at 16x!)
SSD at 6gbs sata3.
Junk at back is usual, some usb3, hopefully a way to link my usb3 from front of case to board would be awesome too.

I really don't have a clue what to look at, Asus again? or something else. =/

Thanks in advance, and I'll reply with any other info just ask!
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  1. go to look around at review for asrock mobo. From what i see they are generally better value than asus and have nice bios.

    but i like asus :P
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