Need help on hybrid Crossfire.

Hi, i recently got my desktop and wish to do hybrid crossfire with it. I did some search online, but couldn't find any threads that would guide me through it. Can anyone please help? Thank you.

OS - Windows 7 Professional 32bits
Motherboard - Asus F1A75-M Pro
CPU - AMD A8 - 3850 with Radeon HD 6550 (GPU)
Graphic Card - AMD Radeon HD 6770
Rams - 4GB DDR3
Catalysis control center - version 11.8 (cannot find the tap to enable crossfire)
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  1. You can't do Hybrid with a 6770.The 6670 is the most powerful GPU you can use with it.
  2. sorry, typo.
    The graphic card is AMD Radeon HD 6670.
  3. This thread may help you.Just disreguard the BIOS update problem.

    Do you see the card being labeled as the 6690 at all?

    Download GPU-Z.
  4. Well, I checked with the dxdiag n GPU-Z, both saying its 6670.
  5. Have you downloaded the latest drivers and Crossfire profile's?
  6. yes, i got AMD Vision Engine Control Center 11.8
  7. Download all the lastest drivers and update the BIOS if you need to

    Select your OS and start Downloading.
  8. I just receive confirmation that my mobo is actually F1A75-M, not F1A75-M Pro.
    Now my question is, Is F1A75-M crossfire allowable?
  9. You can still do Hybrid Crossfire with it.It's practically the same as the Pro version it just has less features.
  10. So did you get it to work?
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