Motherboard not working no beeps

So...I just bought the Asus F2A55-M. I am running a 500Gb HDD and 2 additional 320 Gb drives. I have a geforce synergy graphics card and an Asus xonar dtx sound card. Runningn16 GB of RAM in a 2 x 8GB couple. (corsair vengence) everything boots up except the video. No beeps neither...HELP!!!!!!!
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  1. Hi, What CPU? Is the CPU fan spinning when starting the board? Is a case speaker (beeper) connected?
  2. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
    I'm confused here, what indication/why do you say everything boots but no beeps or video? If no beep or video, I would say it is not booting hence my confusion.
    I think I need clarification there, also, what CPU do you have installed?
  3. So all my fans spin including the heatsink my hdd's spin and there is power to my cd drives however I get no vga single from the integrated vga card. Also supports hdmi and dvi. Tried those as well..same results absolutely nothing.
    Sorry for any bad spelling, this message was typed on a tablet
  4. Also I am running the quad core A8 8600K amd black edition unlocked at3.9 ghtz
    And I do have the speaker hooked up
  5. more confusion... the quad core A8 ???, there are only three A8 CPU's found on the supported CPU list of that motherboard found here - if it isn't one of those three model A8's, likely it isn't supported yet...
  6. The cpu is an A8 5600K unlocked at 3.9. Sorry for the mistake
  7. The 5600k is one of the listed CPU's so that should not be a factor... lemme look into it some, perhaps bent CPU pins but if you don't have thermal compound there to replace the heatsink after checking that... if you do have some thermal compound available, it is worth checking.
  8. I do have thermal paste on the heatsink. So maybe that could be something to check into. However I layed the cpu in place perfectly and did not have to force it at all. I do have a buddy from my work (the computer tech) coming over to take a look at it to see if he knows anything, so ill let you know more as soon as I can. Thanks a lot guys, and C12friedman especially
  9. Mkay no chips what?
  10. Gonna have you check out the generic troubleshooting sticky here in the mean time, I'm still trying to see if I've missed something
    Hope it helps
  11. Thank you so much, I also have a question.
    When 4 ram slots are avaliable does it matter what position they go into.
    And 1 last thing. Could drivers be an issue
  12. On many motherboards which ram slots are occupied does make a difference. According to your manual, the black ram slot closest to the CPU DIMM A1 should be occupied first, then the other black slot DIMM B1.
    Drivers won't be an issue until you get your OS installed
  13. Mkay. Back yet again.
    Problem was the cpu pins. There was one missing rather then bent. I purchased a new cpu and power supply ( the case I bought was to big to hook the 4 pin into it, wire wouldn't reach)
    So after hooking everything is hooked up, I plug in my psu and turn on my moniter (vga slot) Nothing appeared on the screen again, and now there is a red light where my "memok!" Button is, it stays on for about 3 seconds and the blue led in my psu blinks 5 or 6 times. Then the whole system shuts down.
    Any ideas?
  14. What make and model is the new PSU and what exact kit of ram (model number like: CMZ16GX3M2A1600C10) do you have installed.
  15. Power supply model is a retail plus (RP-PS60-600W(cm)
    The ram installed is a corsair 8Gb married couple snel (CMZ16GX3M2A1600C10)
  16. Also, my old hdd is in place, it has windows 7 previously installed
  17. The ram should be fine, is it this PSU? and can you take it back?
    And just to confirm, you replaced the CPU with another A8 5600k?
  18. All good now just a few hdd issues then ill be good to go..problem was just the ps was switched to 230V instead of 115V hah :p now it's just a (launch start up repair) issue :) thank you sooooo much!!!
  19. One last thing here, are you trying to load windows from a previously installed system?
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