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hello, im using smartbroadband for my internet, i bought Belkin N150 wireless router for my notebook, how do i install belkin N150 to my desktop?
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  1. Presumably, you mean how do you connect your desktop computer to your router by wireless ?

    Does your desktop have a wireless adapter ?

    Can it detect the router's signal ?

  2. i mean how do i connect the desktop to the router thru wired connection, now the ethrnet cable internet is attached to the router and using another lan cable from the port of router to the desktop,its says im connected but i cant browse anything.
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  4. This is relatively simple:Check TCP/IP Properties. Start, Connect To, Connection, Properties, Scroll Down TCP/IP and highlight, click Properties and check that Obtain DNS and IP address automatically are enabled.

    However, you don't mention anything about setting the router up to work with your internet provider (i.e. the WAN settings). If this isn't correct you will not be able to browse.

    Before going to WAN setting, first establish that you can talk to the router from your computer -- look at the router manual for how to access the router's user setup screens.

    Once you can access them you know you are connected properly to the router -- from within the setup screens go to WAN settings and make sure the setting there comply with the requirements of your ISP.

    The CD which came with the router may include a wizard for WAN settings, but you may also have to speak to your ISP's helpline or see if there is guidance on their website on setting up routers to work with their service.
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