MSI Z77A-G45 Won't OC past 3.4ghz

I overclocked as per Mrface's tutorial because he has a MSI board too, so the terminology and placement of the options is the same. After setting everything up, I went and ram Prime and my frequency is stuck at 3400mhz. I set my multiplier at x39. At POST it shows 3900mhz, but when I pull up CPU-Z it shows only 3400mhz under load. HELP!!!

My system:
i5 3570K
MSI Z77A-G45
2X4gb DDR1600 Vengeance Blue
Antec 850W
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  1. try other monitoring programs, anything over 3.4ghz reports back the same thing?
  2. CPU-Z and OpenHardware Monitor both say 3400mhz
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    Ok man..I know the bios , where you are ocing there should be an option: adjust cpu ratio in should be enabled..if not it will not work
  4. Thanks!
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