My System stopped booting on 8gb,but will on 4

I have a Asus (P5N-D)..Worked fine with 8gb memory then one day would not boot the monitor would not come on.Removed 2 sticks and it will boot just fine...Did those 2 slots go bad..The same memory still works.
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  1. troubleshoot each stick individually, put in one stick and boot, run memtest86, if it passes try the next. if all 4 sticks check out, test each slot, usually by inserting them one by one until it does not boot. reply back to let us know how that goes.
  2. I have 2 (A) slots they boot each individual stick boots up ok...The 2 (B) slots they are the prblem , no post no monitor....
  3. are there any error beeps?
  4. ah no no beeps at all..and the Monitor stays off
  5. odd, have you tried both memory slots individually? usually when a slot goes bad all it does is not pick up the ram on the system. there could be a short somewhere, maybe some dust that's slightly conductive got in there. try some compressed air in there and let me know how that goes.
  6. OK yea I will....I'll get back to you..
  7. yea still no luck..for some reason I think its the board...but I am not sure.
  8. sorry for the late response, can you see the RAM slots that are empty in the BIOS when you get it to boot?
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