Internet Card Fried?

Hi Guys, I tried looking for someone with a similar issue, but I can't find anything so hopefully you guys can help:

My neighbor was getting rid of his desktop because he said the internet wasn't working...I thought the NIC was fried so getting a dongle or another adapter would fix it....but no luck....from what I can tell:

-the Ethernet port on the mobo is totally gone (it is "enabled" in the BIOS)
-the wireless N card is also gone (I tried it in another desktop and it does the same thing, it can SEE the networks, but it won't connect)
-the USB dongle I got has the same issue (it sees the network, but won't connect)
-i've tried the USB dongle on my other computers, and from those it connects just fine
-TETHERING to my phone works, however

the detailed specs in case anyone wants them:
OS: Win7 Home Premium 64 bit
Model: Gateway DX4840-03C
CPU: Core i5-650
GPU: Radeon HD5570

I have tried many many things and now I'm just about ready to give up/throw it out just like my neighbor was going too :fou:

(btw, in case you guys are wondering, the network and sharing center does NOT show the LAN or WLAN card, when I plug in the USB dongle it shows up but doesn't connect)

Thanks In advance!
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  1. OK, this is embarrassing....My little sister fixed the problem...and I'm WAAAAAY too embarrased to tell you guys :o

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