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Audio on ASUS mobo not working.

December 28, 2012 8:27:17 PM


I am right pee'd off, I have spent the last week trying to fix the sound on my mobo and not any closer to resolving the issue. I have a Asus P8Z68 Pro gen 3 board and I have updated the drivers for the motherboard including the audio and chip-set but still not working. All indications are that the device and drivers are working properly and when I play an audio file the synthesizer moves up and down but both the output speaker i.e my monitor speakers and my surround sound don't make a squeak.

It was all working fine up until a few weeks ago when my power supply failed. I brought a brand new fairly pricey XFX PS which I am well pleased with but after getting the PC up and running the only problem was the sound. I was running win 7 HE at this stage and couldn't get it to work on that so because MS had a deal on I upgraded to win 8 Pro in the hope that it would sort it out on the install of the new os. No luck. I have checked the bios and the audio port is enabled and how it should be as it was working like this before. I have checked all the obvious stuff like the config in sound manager and the cable arrangement and I am happy these are how they should be. I am 100% that my speaker on both the monitor and surround sound work as I can listen to radio and TV, Also uninstalled graphics card as read somewhere this might conflicted with audio on mobo and re-installed it with no change. Everything has the latest drivers and there are no errors or conflicts in computer management plus the audio service is started and running.

Any help would be greatly appreciated on where I should go from here?