Graphic recommendation for Dell E520 305W PSU

I have a Dell E520 with 305W Power. Will a ATI Radeon HD 5670 graphics card work with this powe supply, or will I need to upgrade my PSU. I am not a gamer but I would like to connect my Samsumg LED 46".

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  1. Thanks 384-BiT. How about the power requirement. Will it work with a 305W power supply or do I need to upgrade power ? I am not interested in 3D games.
  2. Thanks ! I'll give it a try ... Newegg is one of my favored sites for purchacses. If my psu will not handle it, then i'd be a BiT foolish ;-). Am also curious about the HD5670 as I see good reviews in Tom's and seems like I can use it on newer hardware shoild my E520 succumb to aging. Appreciate your advice !
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  4. Gracias !
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