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NOTE: I don't know If this is posted in the correct place, if it isn't, my bad! ( Most of the other topics where things like: Work and Education, which I blatantly assumed that If I posted there, my question would NEVER get answered ).

I am currently 16 years old and am aspiring to become a Hardware engineer, I have looked online and tried to find books & other literature on Computer Architecture/Design, but All I found was Wikipedia and some other websites ( most of them just being very basic guides to Computer Hardware, Which I already have knowledge of/on ).

I have built 5 desktops and 2 "standalone" servers, so I already have "fundamental-level" knowledge of it.

QUESTION: Is there any "formal" literature or Guides to Computer Architecture/Design? If so, Where would I find it or where would I buy it?


- Grady :)
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  1. I would begin my search at higher institutes of learning and find out what study resources they use.
  2. Hello,

    Hardware engineer?

    You will most likely need an electrical engineering degree and knowledge of math is a must.


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