Please help! I need it tomorrow, please?!?! motherboard!!

Hey, thanks for clicking!! i need this for tomorrow!

okay, i want this motherboard

but it does not support my amd fx 6300 bios it needs to be updated to 1.60 before i insert amd fx 6300? . please help? how do i get past this??

Thanks, i would be very great full!
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  1. Only advice is to buy from a vender with high turnover such as newegg. Boards manufactured recently have a better chance of getting a new bios file.
  2. i'm buying from novatech.
  3. if you already have the processor buy a board that supports it now. if you don't have a processor the board supports and it won't boot and you won't be able to update the BIOS.
  4. Your other option (if you have one) is use an older AM3 CPU to update the bios then swap out to the FX CPU. The AM3+ socket also supports the Phenom II and Athlon II CPU's. If you happen to have one on hand or a buddy that does it can get the job done.
  5. or call the company your buying the mb and ask them for a mb with the newest bios installed if they have it. take like 5 min to open a mb box or tag the outside of the box with the mb bios rev.
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