New Mobo time?

Hello everyone!

Ok, so lately my old Dell ( and I mean old ) has gone kaput. Now, it won't power on at all. No lights nothing when connected. So I have tried 2 different PSU's one the original and one newish. neither have done anything. However, Whilst I'm here I have considered that I might as well upgrade the Mobo as well as the psu.

I have a budget of 600 ATM.

What do people think of these two boards? Oh and if someone can actually spec me a pretty good rig for 600 then please be my guest!

I'm stuck on a PSU if I'm honest, but preferably at least 750w. Like I say though, if I can I'll upgrade as much as I can.

I'm pretty much decided on an i5 as well!

Help! lol Cheers, look forward to reading some suggestions.
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  1. This board looks like a good deal: (atx board may not fit your dell case)
    The second z68 board may require a bios flash to run ivy bridge cpus.

    This asus board should fit your dell case:
    Or order this zalman case which will work with atx boards for sure:
  2. Thanks Oldie, I like the look of that board if I'm honest. I don't know why but I really want (and not need) 2 HDMI's. I think I may have to be sensible and sacrifice that though!
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