Dell dimension 9100 upgrade/update help

i have 500 gb hd/4gb ram/ two- 1 gb each radeon 4650video cards/650 w power supply pentium 4/ 3 ghz..w/xp pro cant think of anything else...eall my q? is what else can i do to upgrade this computer...because its been a good one and i would like to keep it around awhile
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  1. IMHO, the P4 is severely limited and you can get (at least in the US) a motherboard and sandy bridge Pentium that will outperform it for about $150 (H61) and the RAM would be $40 for budget stuff.

    Even the budget Sandy Bridge Pentium P6XX series stuff would be LIGHT YEARS ahead of any P4

    The P4 is incredibly outdated for today's applications, Tom's actually threw in the last generation P4 during an older CPU comparison review they did and it constantly scored dead last:,2974.html
  2. but you'd probably have to do a new case and power supply too, because the motherboard might fit in the 9100 case (my parents has one) but I don't know if your PSU would work, but if you say its a 650W then it seems you've replaced it before so if its in good condition it might still work... :/ depends...
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