Bad Mobo?

So, I have an HP Pavillion a1720n which ive had for a few years. I've switched out the ram with 4gigs of g-skill ddr2, upgraded to a radeon video card, slapped in a 7.1 audio card, put 2 tbs of hd space in. pretty much the only thing original in it now is the mobo and processor. Its worked great for a long time with this setup until about a week and a half ago. I woke up one morning and both my screens were black. No icons, no wallpaper, just black. However i could still move my mouse around. weird, right?. I had vista on this machine since i got it. I restarted my computer and then it lags very bad when i click on the start menu, try and open up my computer, etc. i restart. everything works fine for a while and then it lags again and i cant do anything. I restart, get a bluescreen. Every so often i get the error msg "System fan has failed, press F2 to continue", however, the fan works fine. I checked. I restart in "safe mode", startup hangs on crcdisk.sys. I look up this on several sites and find a few options. one of which is to do a startup repair from the boot disk. I try that, it doesnt work. Then "they" say that it most likely means the HDD is or has failed. that sucks, but I wanted a HDD upgrade anyway. I get a new seagate barracuda 1tb drive for my system drive, install a new vista os. everything seems good for about a minute, then it starts the same crap over again. I thought maybe my vista disk is bad, so i load up Linux Mint 10. It works all day, then i wake up this morning to the same issues.

So, I've ruled out...
Operating System
My memory upgrade is fairly new and its G-Skill so...
I'm pretty sure my PSU is still good because the light in the back isnt blinking or anything.
The only thing i can think of is the Mobo which is an Asus P5LP-LE with a Intel Core 2 duo
Do I need a new mobo and processor? Or will I just be spending more money and still having issues?
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. NEVER ASSUME ITS NOT THE RAM!!!! in fact ALWAYS assume it is the RAM. the very first thing you check should be the ram. this computer component is probably the biggest culprit for alot of problems. reinstall your old RAM and try reinstallign windows. see how that goes. if not, then you may rule out the ram. next reinstall your old video card. if it works with our old card, then your new card it the culprit. do this to all your components and if they are not the culprits then get a new mobo. unfortunatley that also means a new case since this is a store bought not custom pc.

    Best Of Luck,
  2. update: I ran memtest86 for a solid 20 hrs with 0 errors found. I installed two more fans in my case thinking maybe it was getting too hot and doing weird stuff because of it. I'll see how stable it is by The morning.
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